Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Breast Cancer: Cutting the Risk

This being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it seems appropriate to reflect on what we know about the causes of the disease. While there is no known way to "prevent" breast cancer, most independent researchers agree that environmental factors - not genetics - account for the largest percentage of cases. Thus the prevailing wisdom about breast cancer "running in families" is more likely because they share environments, not because they share genes. 

So what can you do to reduce risks to yourself and your family? 

• Avoid any radiation unless it's absolutely necessary
• Don't eat or drink out of plastic containers
• Avoid parabens in your personal care products 
• Don't use pesticides on your lawn 
• Try to buy organic dairy products without growth hormones
• Avoid pesticide residues by purchasing organic fruits and vegetables
• Stay away from conventional high-fat dairy products
• Limit your consumption of meat and alcohol 
• Eat plenty of whole grains and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc.) 
• Eat raw or fermented soy foods
• Find a cookbook for plant-based meals and use it on a regular basis 

You can find more information on healthy and protective foods at 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Green Kids: The color of ADHD

The proof may still be a few years away, but scientists are moving closer to an understanding of how food dyes affect children's behavior, and specifically how they may contribute to ADHD. Scientists in England studied several hundred children and measured their reactions to foods containing different types of food dyes. The results showed "significant adverse effects" when the children ate foods containing common food-grade dyes. Food coloring chemicals lace the foods marketed to children - soda, candy and fast food. Even school lunches and so-called "healthy" fruit juices can contain dyes to make them more visually pleasing. Solution: teach your kids about food (and food chemicals!), give them snacks of carrot sticks and raisin,s and buy 100% organic juice without coloring.